Here are some documents you may want or need.  They are in Microsoft Works format because I don't have Word.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

The Postpartum Plan was produced by DONA International and is an excellent resource for you to decide how much help you'll need from whom and when.  Definitely take a look at it.  When we get together for an interview, I'll want to discuss it with you.  It will save time for both of us if you've at least taken a look at it.

Postpartum Plan.pdf Postpartum Plan.pdf
Size : 0.107 Kb
Type : pdf


 The Evaluation forms are used in my certification and re-certification, and I take seriously any constructive criticism you can offer.  I'll provide you with copies of these in your packet.  I only posted them in case you lose things as easily as I tend to.

Partner Eval.pdf Partner Eval.pdf
Size : 0.028 Kb
Type : pdf
Mother's Eval.pdf Mother's Eval.pdf
Size : 0.029 Kb
Type : pdf


 "Dads and Doulas" was produced by DONA, as well, and gives Dad an idea of where he fits in this whole postpartum plan--right where he should be.

Dads and Doulas.pdf Dads and Doulas.pdf
Size : 0.01 Kb
Type : pdf


 The postpartum position paper is DONA's set-in-stone position on what a postpartum doula is and does and how they differ from other "helpers." 

Postpartum position paper.pdf Postpartum position paper.pdf
Size : 1.305 Kb
Type : pdf


Here is my basic contract.

Letter of Agreement.wps Letter of Agreement.wps
Size : 0.019 Kb
Type : wps
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