“Doula” is a Greek word meaning “someone (generally a woman) who mothers the mother.” Some people prefer to think of her as more of a sister.  My job is to assist the mother and newborn with the transition into the family, including bonding with the new dad and siblings.

I am a postpartum doula, which means I assist the family during the postpartum period, the time just after the baby is born.  I am available to assist you beginning as early as late pregnancy with “nesting” and nursery set-up, as well as emotional and educational support looking towards the big day. Some families may decide after the birth that they need assistance.  This is especially true of military families or those with unforeseen circumstances such as emergency surgery.  I’m not currently a labor doula, but I’d love to direct you to some wonderful women who are. After your little bundle arrives and you are back at home (or ASAP if you did a homebirth), I can then come in at our contracted time to support you as you need me.

Families who accept doula services have:

  • less risk of postpartum depression
  • lower incidence of child abuse
  • fewer breastfeeding problems
  • better perceived bonding with their newborn

Who should seek a postpartum doula?

  • New mothers who have had recent surgery, including c-section
  • 1st time, 2nd time (and so on) parents
  • Mothers who have previously experienced postpartum depression
  • Families with little or no breastfeeding support
  • Single or married parents
  • Adoptive parents of newborns
  • Families who are separated from family and friend support
  • Military families
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